Mission and Purpose

The Planning and Budget Steering Committee is a subcommittee of the President’s Advisory Council (PAC). It was formed in Fall 2010 to replace the Budget Development Committee established in December 2003. The purpose of the Planning and Budget Steering Committee (PBSC) is to make recommendations to the President’s Advisory Council (PAC) regarding planning and matters related to Fullerton College’s fiscal resource allocations, which includes:

  1. Making recommendations regarding one-time and ongoing budget requests, including requests for emergency funding and funding for strategic action plans
  2. Reviewing and considering funding recommendations from the Program Review process
  3. Generating and sharing information on budget structure, budget development, and budget issues.

Members of the PBSC are expected to become knowledgeable on the college budget and focus on the entire budget rather than on isolated parts of the budget.


Vice President of Administrative Services
Director of Institutional Research and Planning


Co-Chair – Vice President of Administrative Services (non-voting)
Co-Chair – Director of Institutional Research and Planning (non-voting)
2 Faculty Representatives (four year term)
2 Management Representatives (one dean and one other manager)
2 Classified Professionals Representatives (three year term)
2 Associated Students Representatives (one year term)


First and third Wednesdays from 2 pm to 4 pm, while the college is in session, or at the discretion of the Chair.

Operating Guidelines

The PBSC fulfills its “Mission and Purpose” in the following ways:

1. PBSC Chair will report regularly to PAC on the results of the committee’s work.

2. PBSC will maintain a campus website to include budget information, agendas, and meeting notes.

3. PBSC may establish or disband subcommittees or workgroups with specific responsibilities and membership in order to facilitate its work.

4. PBSC will operate by consensus.

5. PBSC will evaluate its processes annually.

6. PBSC meetings may be attended by any interested person or those invited by the Chair. If non-members wish to speak on an agenda item, they should notify the Chair. The Chair may choose to recognize non-members at the appropriate time, although time limits may be necessary.


After an item has been presented and discussed, the Chair will call for consensus using the following method to determine if consensus is met:

• If all members’ thumbs are up indicating they are in agreement, consensus is achieved.

• If some members’ thumbs are up and others are in a sideways position indicating they are not in full agreement but can accept the item, consensus is achieved.

• If any member’s thumb is in a downward position, consensus has not been achieved and the following will take place:

Additional discussion will continue to try to reach consensus;

Members must work to understand the issues to try to reach consensus;

Members should be willing to comment on the issues and make suggestions to help reach consensus;

Members should be candid and comfortable in expressing opinions and viewpoints;

Members should feel free to ask questions if the item is unclear.

• When there is contention, PBSC members will constructively attempt to discuss concerns and disagreements to reach consensus. Once additional discussion has taken place, the Chair will once again call for consensus.

If consensus is reached, the action item will move forward as appropriate. If consensus is not reached after two attempts, the Chair will consider the time sensitivity of the item and will decide whether or not consensus can be reached. If the Chair decides consensus cannot be reached, the Chair will present the majority and minority positions to the PAC.

Agenda Items

1. Agenda items may be submitted by any member of the PBSC, by a time established by the Chair, to the Chair’s designee, using a process agreed upon by the committee and accompanied by supporting documents.
2. Others who wish to have items placed on a PBSC meeting agenda must coordinate with their appropriate PBSC representative(s) and/or the Chair of the PBSC.
3. Members placing items on the agenda must be prepared to present the item and speak on the item as it is being discussed by the PBSC membership.
4. Non-members may be brought in to provide additional information related to the agenda item, but may not debate the merits of the item.
5. Agenda items shall be submitted with sufficient lead time to permit distribution to the members prior to the meeting.