Measure J, a voter-approved bond from the November 2014 election, will generate $574 million for facility improvements, upgrades, and repairs at North Orange County Community College District schools, which includes Cypress College and the School of Continuing Education in addition to Fullerton College, over the next 20 years.

 The initial priority projects for Fullerton College include a 48 classroom Instructional Building, renovations to the 300 and 500 instructional buildings, and a replacement building for the Music and Theater Arts programs. Additional plans include, among others, a Welcome Center, a Lab School (childcare center) and horticulture/STEM building as well as final renovations to the classroom buildings that were not included in the previous bond,

Building 300 Renovation

The renovation of 500 was originally included in design and state funding, but was descoped in early 2022. The Building 300 renovation will include general classrooms and dean and faculty offices.


Funding Source:  Measure J & State Capital Outlay Funds

Budget: $35,275,801

Architect:  Westberg White  Architecture

General Contractor: TBD

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

Square Footage: 22,705 GSF

Status: Pre-bidding


Sherbeck Field Improvement

Sherbeck field completed bleacher and lighting installation rendering used for EIR draft published May 15, 2019. Source: GLR Group, 2018.

The proposed project encompasses the installation of permanent prefabricated aluminum bleachers, six field lighting stanchions, a new sound system, press box and storage building at the existing Sherbeck Field. Sherbeck Field would continue to be used for academic instruction, competitive athletics, and rentals; however, Sherbeck Field is proposed to host competitive football games, which are currently held at other locations. The inclusion of field lighting as part of the project would allow Fullerton College to add more evening classes, to offer a balanced schedule, and provide more class options for students who may not be able to take physical education during the day. 

Funding Source:  Other Funds

Budget: $4,600,000

Architect:  Westberg White Architecture

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

Status:  In Construction

Maintenance & Operations Building

Maintenance & Operations Building, Design, 100% CD by RNT Architects.

The New Maintenance and Operations building will centralize all M & O services to a single building located on the main campus. The building will include trade-specific workshops for maintenance, grounds, facilities, custodial personnel while improving response time and efficiencies by locating the building on the main campus adjacent to the central plant.

Funding Source:  Measure J & Local Funds

Budget: $14,758,944

Design Builder: BNBuilders, Inc and Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects, Inc.

Delivery Method: Design-Build

Square Footage: 22,300 GSF

Status:  Design


Chapman Newell Building

Chapman Newell Building Design, 100% CD by RNT Architects.

The building at the intersections of Chapman Ave and Newell Street will potentially provide improved facilities to Student Resources, CalWORKs, Health Services, the Veterans’ Resource Center (VRC), and Instructional Programs. 

Funding Source:  Measure J & Local Funds

Budget: $21,985,777

Design Builder: BNBuilders, Inc and Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects, Inc.

Delivery Method: Design-Build

Square Footage: 30,000 GSF

Status:  Design


Music & Drama Complex

This project addresses the demand for the enrollments in the performing arts programs by constructing a new complex bringing music, drama, theater arts, and communication programs together into a single facility. The new building replaces outdated facilities with electrical deficiencies and outmoded configurations will take advantage of the potential use of commonly required space to improve overall utilization and flexible spaces that help programs in meeting higher demands anticipated in the near future.

Funding Source:  Measure J & State Capital Outlay

Budget: $30,724,153

Architect:  Pfeiffer Partners, Inc.

General Contractor: TBD

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

Status:  Design

New Parking Structure

New parking structure building to accommodate the need for additional parking for staff and students, with 840 spaces not exceeding 4 Levels.

Funding Source:  Measure J

Budget: $33,205,037

Architect:  TBD

General Contractor: TBD

Delivery Method: TBD

Square Footage:  260,000 GSF

Status:  Design Development

STEM Vocational Center

The existing Horticulture building, two separate class/lab buildings, and four greenhouses will be demolished and replaced with a new STEM Vocational Center (SVC). The STEM Vocational Center will include a building for the Fullerton Colleges STEM programs including Anatomy, Physiology & Microbiology, Biotechnology, the Nutrition and Foods Department, and the Horticulture Department.

Funding Source:  


Architect:  TBD

General Contractor: TBD

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

Status:  Pre-Planning


New Instructional Building housing Humanities (2400)

The building will help meet campus growth needs with the goal of consolidating an instructional division into a single building. The building will accommodate more than 40 classrooms and the division office services including staff offices. Scope of work for this projects includes the expansion of the Central Plant.

Funding Source:  Measure J

Budget: $53,588, 031

Design Builder: BNBuilders, Inc and Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects, Inc.

Delivery Method: Progressive Design-Build

Square Footage: 74, 927 GSF

Status: Completed


Central Plant Expansion (CP-1)

Replacement and expansion of the Central Plant to accommodate planned new facilities and renovations and improve efficiency in servicing existing buildings. Project includes the replacement and expansion of the existing central plant to accommodate for three 600-ton high efficiency water chillers and cooling towers.

Funding Source:  Measure J

Budget: $10,600,000

Design Builder: BNBuilders, Inc and Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects, Inc.

Delivery Method: Progressive Design-Build

Square Footage: 2,028 GSF

Status: Substantially Complete 8/13/2021

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Fullerton College partnered with Southern California Edison’s  ChargeReady program to install 44 additional Level 2 EV electric vehicle charging ports in the Lemon Parking Structure, bringing the campus total for EV charging to 50 ports.

Funding Source:  Southern California Edison



Sewer Line Replacement to Buildings 300 & 500

Design and construction for a new sewer line leading out of Building 300, and a new sewer line leading out of Building 500, as the existing lines are not functioning properly. The new sewer lines will travel from the existing buildings to the new saddle points of connection at the City of Fullerton’s sanitary sewer line, which is located on North Lemon Street.

Funding Source:  Measure J & Scheduled Maintenance

Budget: $690,705 

Architect:  R2A Architects

General Contractor: Los Angeles Engineering, Inc.

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

Status:  Complete