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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

When do you use TCO?

TCO is to determine the real cost of a proposal. Presently, it is to be used for computer/technical equipment over $5000 and for facilities/construction projects.

When to complete your proposal?

  • At the end of Program Review, if your equipment is being considered for funding.
  • If you are out of Program Review cycle (off-year), then you would submit it to your Dean/Manager, then forward to the Vice President of your area.

Include the following salaries, supplies, etc. :

Item 1.TCO Proposal Cover Sheet
Please fill out the narrative cover sheet
Item 2.TCO Budget Estimator Worksheet  (Expenses Tab)
To calculate your expenses, you need to do the following: Please insert the cost of personnel (salaries and benefits) from rows 4 through 19.

TCO Estimator Worksheet Table of Contents
Item 3.
TCO Priority Sheet - Open "Priority" Tab in the "TCO Budget Estimator Worksheet, and enter your prioritized TCO's submitted for 11/12 & 12/13 implementation consideration.


TCO Proposal Preparation Help Notes
Fullerton College Integrated Planning Model February 2014

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